Tuesday, October 20, 2009

USA Returns Fluff!

What? you say.
But they want fluffy programming?
Only Fluffy Characters Welcome at USA network!
So why have they returned a case of Fluff to its sender?

Our enthusiastic Fluffer sent the box out on 10/5 addressed to Jeff Wachtel (President of Original Series USA Network) and ironically got the box back on 10/16, the scheduled first day of shooting.

The postmaster informed said Fluffer that the box would get there in two days. Priority mail. In blue ink someone crossed off Jeff Wachtel's address and put an arrow leading to our heroic Fluffer's return address.

In a circle "Refused" is written and in a rectangle "Return" is written. The box wasn't even opened.

Our Fluffer sent him a pack of cheap mini marshmallows with a postcard attached. Bravo! Ms. Fluff!

We think that this is extremely rude of Mr. Wachtel.
If he had been brought up correctly, he would have accepted graciously and written a thank you note.

And then given us back Goren, Eames and Ross.

Had your Fluff returned? LET US KNOW!


I sent my Fluff to Jean Guerin, and it appears to have been accepted!
Ms. Guerin, you have been Fluffed.

1 comment:

  1. I sent my Fluff to Mr. Wachtel on 10/5. It was a full case of marshmallow fluff and it was received and accepted on 10/7. The receipt was also signed by "Faldetta" as yours was. Hmmm...