Thursday, June 30, 2011

Launching Operation Tie Clips and Skittles!

We want more Goren and Eames!
And we want USA Network to sit up and take notice

Haven't we all been watching Goren's tie clip go higher and occasionally go off kilter over the last 10 years? Message boards have dedicated pages and pages to Goren's tie clip and it's placement. And don't we all love to see Alex eating her Skittles to keep her energy up? We even sent Vincent a tie clip and Kathryn some Skittles in the binders we put together last year. We've decided to use Goren's tie clip and Eames' Skittles as symbols of our desire for their return.

So we’re urging you to send
Tie Clips and Skittles to USA Network.
I’m sure there are oodles of abandoned tie clips at thrift stores which can be acquired inexpensively and whether you send a bag of Skittles or just the wrapper or even a picture of Skittles, we think they’ll get the message.

Before you send off your tie clips and Skittles, please take a photo and add it to our Gallery of Tie Clips and Skittles here:
(just follow the Photobucket directions for uploading your photos). Tell us who you are in the description – if you have a blog post where the photo is uploaded, please feel free to add a link to that specific blog post.
When we have a few pictures, we’ll turn the album into a slide show and post it in our sidebar.

Next…. Where do you send your Tie Clips and Skittles?

Jeff Wachtel President of Original Series
USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112
Add a note saying you want more Goren and Eames!

Other ways to contact The Powers that Be:

Use the USA website feedback form:

Send emails to the following people telling them we need more Goren and Eames:

Comment on the LOCI Facebook page:

Tweet to your friends and @USA_LawOrderCI
Include Dick Wolf in your tweets @WolfFilms

If you have a blog, create a post broadcasting your wishes for more Goren and Eames – add the photo of your Tie Clip and Skittles!

Check into the USA LOCI Message Community Board where you can vote in a poll to renew our show.

We’re looking forward to seeing your
Tie Clips and Skittles!!


  1. Fantastic! I'll post on my FB!

  2. Woohoo! It is time to go shopping! Goodwill here I come!

  3. Love this! This is about the most awesome-est idea, since ... Well, the "fluff" campaign!

  4. This is clever!
    Shame I don't live in USA but I'll send daily e-mails and tweet this operation!

  5. @Aline
    Don't let not living in the US stop you! I'm sending at least one tie clip - maybe more! I think Skittles might be hard to find in some countries though.

  6. Ok! I may be slow in getting into the campaign but I'm in now so USA Network be warned- I will BURY you in TIE CLIPS & SKITTLES!!! Please! More LOCI!!!

  7. Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong! I'll be sending oodles before I ship off to Japan.

  8. Head Cheerleader here - pom-poms waving! Say it loud and say it proud - GO TEAM LOCI!!!

  9. Well, Dick Wolf is aware...

    I tweeted:

    @LShiz Liz Stanton
    Wanna help bring back CI? Saving Goren & Eames: Launching Operation Tie Clips and Skittles! @USA_LawOrderCI @WolfFilms

    And I got the reply from Wolf Films:

    @WolfFilms Wolf Films
    @LShiz much love for Operation Tie Clips and Skittles... you may need to call the medics, can't stop laughing. Thanks #LOCI fans!

    Prepare for a bombardment of Tie Clips and Skittles USA Network!

  10. @monKeyLipz
    Way to go! I saw his tweet and re-tweeted! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. I dont live in the U.S.A either but have sent them ! This is global to all the LOCI fans, we all have to unite !!!

  12. Yo tampoco vivo en los EE:UU, pero ya he mandado a todas la direcciones posible mis deseo de ver mas temporada de LOCI, me encantaría estar allí presente para ver la llegada de todo lo que envian los fans. Voto por mas LOCI, Voto por mas muuuuuuchooooo masssss GOREN!!! GOREN!!!

  13. You can always go on and get some skittles shipped. Or other bulk candy stores send them for cheap as well. Same with tie clips.

  14. @Anonymous
    Good point! That's what I did with the Fluff - beats shipping it across the border!

  15. I love this. Get ready USA Network. You think they would know by now how much we love Bobby and Alex.

  16. Tremendous job, ladies. I have made a post on my site to help send out the word. Get 'er done!

  17. moro no Brasil e não entendo nada de informática, por isso não faço ideia de como enviar pelo menos uma foto de um clip de gravata. mas espero que outros fãs( e não fãs que queiram apoiar esta campanha )deem o melhor de si.

  18. ei, acabei de mandar um recado para rede EUA no endereço deles.Só não sei se fiz certo e se mandei pro departamento correto. Pra piorar não escrevo nem falo NADA em inglês, mas enviei um recado num inglês horroroso!!! Se mandar outro email em meu idioma natural, perderá força? Falo PORTUGUÊS brasileiro.

  19. Ruby says: I have managed to acquire more tie clips from eBay than I can ever use, so if anyone needs some to send, let me know!

  20. Ruby says: So now that LOCI has not been renewed by USA, :( is there anywhere else we can send our clips & Skittles? I still plan to keep sending mine to USA until you guys officially call a halt.

  21. Ruby says: OK, I'm officially pissed now. (And not much other than politics pisses me off these days!) I just received back my first letter to Jeff Wachtel, voicing my request for more Goren & Eames. I sent it almost 2 weeks ago and have sent 9 more following that, some little packages costing me almost $2 apiece. It was marked rejected! It wasn't opened, wasn't read, wasn't passed on to whoever might help grant our request (i.e., Dick Wolf), wasn't thrown away so that I'd never know whether anyone received it or not...nothing! Just REJECTED and returned to sender! Guess I'll be receiving the other 9 in the next couple of weeks!

    Am I disappointed? Yes! Am I angry? Yes! Am I warning you not to waste your money? I guess so.'s what I'm thinking about doing. I took a picture of all the letters I sent. I think I will try to send them to Dick Wolf or someone who will at least look at them and hear our plea. Any ideas how to get them out there? Maybe Facebook? (OK, grump, grump, maybe it's time I actually joined the 21st century!)

    REJECTED? That's just plain rude!!!!!

  22. Yeah, that's right, that is plain rude!!! Well, just got word about the new person to address too, hopefully it works this time. Will send tomorrow. More GOREN, More EAMES, More LO:CI... Yeah,...

  23. moi aussi je veux les revoir tous les deux, superbe équipe ! très bons acteurs ensemble Merci vous deux !!