Thursday, June 30, 2011

Launching Operation Tie Clips and Skittles!

We want more Goren and Eames!
And we want USA Network to sit up and take notice

Haven't we all been watching Goren's tie clip go higher and occasionally go off kilter over the last 10 years? Message boards have dedicated pages and pages to Goren's tie clip and it's placement. And don't we all love to see Alex eating her Skittles to keep her energy up? We even sent Vincent a tie clip and Kathryn some Skittles in the binders we put together last year. We've decided to use Goren's tie clip and Eames' Skittles as symbols of our desire for their return.

So we’re urging you to send
Tie Clips and Skittles to USA Network.
I’m sure there are oodles of abandoned tie clips at thrift stores which can be acquired inexpensively and whether you send a bag of Skittles or just the wrapper or even a picture of Skittles, we think they’ll get the message.

Before you send off your tie clips and Skittles, please take a photo and add it to our Gallery of Tie Clips and Skittles here:
(just follow the Photobucket directions for uploading your photos). Tell us who you are in the description – if you have a blog post where the photo is uploaded, please feel free to add a link to that specific blog post.
When we have a few pictures, we’ll turn the album into a slide show and post it in our sidebar.

Next…. Where do you send your Tie Clips and Skittles?

Jeff Wachtel President of Original Series
USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112
Add a note saying you want more Goren and Eames!

Other ways to contact The Powers that Be:

Use the USA website feedback form:

Send emails to the following people telling them we need more Goren and Eames:

Comment on the LOCI Facebook page:

Tweet to your friends and @USA_LawOrderCI
Include Dick Wolf in your tweets @WolfFilms

If you have a blog, create a post broadcasting your wishes for more Goren and Eames – add the photo of your Tie Clip and Skittles!

Check into the USA LOCI Message Community Board where you can vote in a poll to renew our show.

We’re looking forward to seeing your
Tie Clips and Skittles!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Fight

Kathryn still wants to come back. Read here the TV Guide Article.

Is The Case Closed for Law & Order: Criminal Intent? Kathryn Erbe Still Hopeful for a Return
by Kate Stanhope

The director has called cut. The film has stopped rolling. The extras have been sent home. Still, despite advertisements touting Sunday's Law & Order: Criminal Intent as the series finale, star Kathryn Erbe is still hopeful the show could live on.

"I know that I would be there in a heartbeat. I'm fairly positive that Vincent [D'Onofrio] feels the same way. Everyone was really hoping that, in the 11th hour, we'd get some word," she tells "Whether the fans are able to muscle us back or not, who knows. They have amazing power."

Erbe knows the power of fans very well. After leaving the show unexpectedly at the beginning of Season 9 with her longtime on-screen partner in crime, D'Onofrio, Erbe is convinced it was pressure from Criminal Intent's loyal viewers that paved the way for their return for the series' tenth season. "They brought us back. That's clear to me," she says. "The outcry was deafening. So maybe they can do it again?"

Producers expressed interest in keeping the spin-off alive earlier this year, and the series itself has experienced somewhat of a creative resurgence as it nears the end. The tenth season has welcomed guest stars including Cynthia Nixon and Steven Weber, and turned hugely popular news headlines like Charlie Sheen's meltdown and the Spider-man Broadway saga, into riveting hourlong cases. The drama has even introduced a heavily serialized storyline with Detective Goren's therapy sessions.

The ratings have also been on the uptick — improving from last season's average of 3.05 million viewers to 3.81 million viewers over the seven episodes so far this year.

"I just know that these eight episodes were like a gift. To be able to come back and have closure with the crew and the cast and everyone," Erbe says. "If you lose something, when you get it back, it's just a different perspective. So we all came back rested and fresh and ready to have fun and do good episodes."

She adds: "If that happens again, fantastic. It would just be like icing on the cake."

The series' proposed end comes just as many are starting to question the future of the entire Law & Order franchise. When Criminal Intent launched in September 2001, the flagship series and its first spin-off, SVU, were both thriving. Since then, two poorly received iterations came and went quickly (2005's Trial by Jury and 2010's Law & Order: LA) and the mothership has been off the air for a year. If Criminal Intent does not return, SVU (which just lost longtime star Christopher Meloni) will be the only version left standing.

"It's strange and sad. That is a huge hit to New York actors and New York crew," Erbe says. "It's been such a staple for over 20 years and it's kind of a rite of passage so to speak. ... It helped a lot of people stay afloat."

Despite her continued hope for a Season 11, Erbe says she thinks the end will be a happy one for fans if Sunday's episode indeed serves as the series finale. "I know we set out to make it satisfying and we're going out much more OK than we were the last time," she says, referencing Goren and Eames' first exit in 2010. "The one thing I know you're going to see is that Goren and Eames are on much better, more solid ground. Healthier, happier and in good shape."

Luckily, Erbe knows she won't have to close the book completely on Detective Eames, thanks to the stamina of Law & Order reruns. "I just imagine Eames continuing on, solving these cases with Goren and living her life, and in a way that is what will happen with the show," she says. "No matter if the episodes are new or old, fans just keep watching, which astounds me — their bottomless appetite for these characters and the stories."

Law & Order: Criminal Intent's series finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on USA.

Remember to email:

Visit facebook and twitter @USA_LawOrderCI how much you want CI to go on. Even Dick Wolf is on our side:

Wolf Films

P.S. but in case Sunday will air the last new Criminal Intent episode, don't miss to say goodbye to Kathryn and Vincent. They'll again chat over twitter with the fans.
DON’T MISS OUT: Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will be tweeting and chatting LIVE during the East AND West Coast airings of Law & Order: CI! Chat with Kathryn at 9 PM EST and with Vincent at 9 PM PST! They'll be taking questions from the Law & Order: CI feed, so make sure you’re following us! Tag your questions with #LOCIfinale -- see you then!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Law and Order: CI - More Please

Well, we were able to see our heroes come back for one more season...and what a season!! Fabulous!! Stupendous!! And joyous for all of us Goren and Eames fans!! It's what we dreamed of and fought for.

But it seems to be over all too soon. Vincent, Kathryn, and Dick Wolf have all indicated that if we write to USA Network, we might have another chance at seeing our favorite show renewed. We'd like to take that chance and try another email campaign, even though Vincent stated yesterday that it will be "gone forever" after the last two episodes. If I recall correctly, during our original campaign, he said he wouldn't be coming back - but he did! Things change. And people can make change happen!!

Below are the email addresses I've been writing to every day:

There is also a poll on the USA LOCI Message Board that our own Outerbankschick set up, where you can vote for renewal.

Join Law & Order: CI on Facebook and leave a comment.

Tweet your thoughts on Twitter.

Email your friends and ask them to write to USA Network.

If you have a blog, do a blogpost and tweet it.

LOCI is worth fighting for. None of us thought we'd get this 10th season, but we did! Let's give it another try! An 11th season is possible!!!

Thanks so much!!