Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twitter Tutorial - how to get your message to USA Network

Scroll down for the tutorial! (and check our latest tweets on the way down! and in the sidebar)

Go to

  1. Click the Sign Up Now Button
  2. Fill out the form – Tips: I put in my full name to start and then deleted my last name once the account was set up. The user name needs to be short!
  3. Easy so far, eh?
  4. Click Create my account
  5. Next Screen: You can skip the section to see if your friends are on Twitter – there is a link at the bottom of the box.
  6. Next Screen: Unless you want a lot of junk, skip this step, too. You can always add people later!
  7. Next Screen: Your home page: Now it’s up to you! To remove your last name, click on settings at the top of the page.
  8. Next Screen: Wow! Look at all that stuff. Fill it in if you want. Recommend that you don’t protect your tweets.
  9. Other tabs: Picture - Add a picture! Design – change the layout of your page

  10. Click Find People
  11. Enter: saveGorenEames Or go right to our page:
  12. When you get the result, click Follow! I’ll follow you back!

  13. On our page – hover over one of my tweets, the curling arrow will light up, click it
  14. You’ll see @saveGorenEames in your little tweet box at the top of the page
  15. Type in @USA_LawOrderCI after our name and write a comment such as: We want our Goren and Eames! Remember you only can use 140 characters in your message!

To RE-TWEET: On your homepage, copy and paste the message you want to retweet (including the person’s name) into your What-are-you-doing? Box. Put RT in front of the message. Make sure the message isn't too long. Update!

Happy tweets!

This vid might help:

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