Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Law and Order:CI Vincent D'onofrio Kathryn Erbe. A deafening silence

Once again this week the silence is deafening from Camp D'onofrio and Camp Erbe.

Yesterday was spent making phone calls, emailing and surfing the web for any sign of new news, any news or comment from the above camps.....nothing.

First phone call of this morning was to Bill Butler's office at the Gersh Agency in New York, they represent Kathryn. I called them last week and received a curt "no comment." The call today went to the same office, the same person answered. I asked several questions about...announcements forthcoming, New films, Negotiations, the jars of fluff fans are sending to USA. I got in answer "No Comment" "No Comment" "No Comment" and "We had a meeting and were told to say 'No Comment'". No fear rep at Butler's office, you did your job well.

Now we know something is difinitely up or there would be something more than "No Comment," there would be, "an annoucement is coming," or something similar. Why not just say Kathryn is moving on, whatever.

Since there was a meeting where people were told to say "No Comment," one must logically think there is something Gersh agency doesn't want to talk about. The big secret is probably negotiations are ongoing.

Camp D'onofrio isn't even saying no comment. After several hours of work, there is nothing to show for it except some emails in my "sent" film. No calls returned, no emails answered.

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