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New Article 10.17.09

Terra King "keeps asking for it" and like Detective Goren is not having her thirst quenched by the powers that be.

Please post your comments on her article.

Law and Order: CI to film Monday according to
October 17, 11:30 AMLas Vegas Movie/TV/DVD ExaminerTerra King

According to, an online news source for Staten Island, L/O C/I will be filming Monday. Of course, they still think Chris Noth is on the show!
The site reports; Staten Island neighborhoods, North Shore, Gunfire and explosions at Stapleton home port during L/O C/I shoot.
This is to occur on Front and Canal Streets, 10am to 6pm.
Apparently, the previously reported filming for this past Friday didn't take place.
Whats up with that?
Still nothing from any camp of the actors involved, Vincent, Kathryn or Bogosian. Not even upcoming plans, all very strange.
There has really been nothing in the news since September 25th. Anything after that has come from people digging, but no one official saying anything except "no comment."
IMDb is revealing nothing new in any of the involved parties to hint at new projects, just the film Vincent is filming.
I hate to assume, you know what that makes me...but it's all I can do. I think negotiations are ongoing. Also that whatever filming is happening is simply filming around major characters.
Website Spoiler Buzz claims that Vincent said in an interview that he will be leaving the show to direct or whatever. The website hasn't been updated since 2007.
WHAT'S THE PROBLEM HERE? No one can give a tiny bit of info, enough to let fans know what is going on? Would it completely break down the negotiations to at least say there are some talks going on. Perhaps, the universe will emplode.
If anyone catches any info from Staten Island on Monday, do tell. Leave the info in comments or email me.
In the meantime, visiti the places below to further voice you opinion.
Law and order:CI Twitter page
Law and order:CI Facebook page
Robert Goren Facebook page
Law and Order: CI addicts anonymous
Kathryn Erbe Facebook page
Only liking Vincent facebook page
Sign the peition
The petition has almost 600 signatures, more people need to sign.
As news come in or phone calls/emails are answered I will keep you updated.

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