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Two Tivos To Paradise 10.09.09: A Long Weekend's Worth of TV News Posted by Al Norton on 10.09.2009

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Want to take a note to thank all the Law and Order: CI fans for their comments last week; I love when people show passion for their favorite shows. Clearly you all disagree with my assessment that the show can survive without Vincent D'Onofrio, but I would ask you if you would all stop watching if it turned out he left by choice? The rumor that he was let go by the network is just that, a rumor, and probably will never be confirmed. Also, as far as I know, it's not like ratings dropped in the weeks where Goren was not the primary detective, so fans have shown at least some interest in a version of Criminal Intent without him. I am in total agreement that the show will not be the same without him but I am not sure that means it's done. It's even possible some folks didn't like his character and might be more interested in giving a new version of the show a chance. Those of you who are interested in letting USA know how disappointed you are with the cast changes might want to check out

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