Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The push for a "lighter" Criminal Intent

"Here...take this. I can't stand the stuff!" ~Bobby

Just a note to anyone who still has doubts about USA's "intent" to "lighten" (or "fluff up") LOCI. Here are the polls that have been posted on the USA home page in recent months. Notice the vast difference in the type of questions about Nichols' character as opposed to Goren:

Which of these real life figures would you like to see Goren interrogate?
Roger Clemens - 4%
O.J. Simpson - 36%
Barack Obama - 13%
Scott Peterson -19%
George W. Bush -19%
Paris Hilton - 4%
Oprah Winfrey -4%

What is your favorite quality in Det. Zack Nichols?
Knowledge of psychology and pharmaceuticals - 11%
Sense of humor - 16%
Overall quirkiness - 64%
He plays the piano - 8%

There there is this question, posted before the season began:

What quality would you like Jeff Goldblum to bring to the Major Case Squad?
Quirkiness - 18%
Intensity - 6%
Wit - 23%
Perspicacity - 3%
Animal Magnetism - 2%
All-around Goldbluminess - 48%

This isn't about the's about the types of questions asked and the answers the poll gives the reader to choose from. Goren = serious, thought-provoking, Nichols = light, humorous.

Interesting, isn't it? Oh, but some will still say that USA isn't going to "mess" with the show. Yeah. Right.

Oh, and then there is THIS lovely gem of a poll:

Who is your favorite character on CI?

Goren - 72%
Eames - 9%
Logan - 15%
Wheeler - 1%
Ross - 1%
Falacci - 2%

Well, well, well. Just look who came out the WINNER! And we know if that poll were done today, with Nichols, the results would still be the same.


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