Monday, October 12, 2009

Update on the Fluff Campaign!

If USA Network thinks Criminal Intent is too serious for their viewers and are looking for lighter fare, then they have sadly underestimated the fans.

If they want fluff in their programming, we’re sending them fluff.
If you have not sent your fluff yet, this week is the time!! (scroll down for the delivery address)

As part of the Fluff Campaign an anonymous donor on the forum is mailing 10 cases of Marshmallow Fluff to USA offices to coincide with the planned start of filming on Friday, October 16th.
Here is some additional info if you are buying Fluff from
From redheaded_tigger:
They cannot delay orders coming out of their warehouse. They MAY be able to delay delivery through UPS. They told me they will contact UPS for me in the morning and try to delay the actual delivery. If you are planning on Friday delivery and are ordering through them, CALL THEM and ask if they can arrange the Friday delivery with UPS.

- Also, apparently, if USA gets ticked off about what we're sending and doesn't want to forward this to a food bank, they can refuse to accept delivery of the Fluff, claiming they didn't order it. My Fluff that arrived October 5 (last Monday) was accepted, but we don't know what will happen this Friday. You will get your money back from buythecase if delivery is refused.

Just giving you a heads-up on that.

Want to send Fluff, but you’re not in the US? and others is easy, but I didn't figure out a way to add a gift card and the delivery date is hard to pinpoint.

I talked to Danielle at Buy the Case. If you are using PayPal for payment.... she said when you make the account, put in the delivery address as your home address (their forms do not support international addresses). From their warehouses, it is 1 to 2 day delivery, so timing delivery for the 16th might be tricky. (but maybe if you phone them as redheaded_tigger did, you might be able to confirm the date of arrival 1-781-829-8575 is customer service)

And you can add a message with the delivery (don't forget to end with a comment about donating excess to a food bank)

Send your Fluff (cotton balls, Marshmallow fluff*) to:
Jean Guerin
Senior Vice President, Communications
USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Floor 21
New York, NY

*With your note to USA, we suggest you end with a comment like - please send excess Fluff to the nearest foodbank.
Want to know where you can buy fluff?
here are a few places....

1) At
will send three-packs anywhere for $14 (inc. shipping) and persons can pay by check or credit card.
4) a case of Fluff for $23.13, no tax, shipping included, ships within 3 days, VA adds sales tax

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