Monday, June 28, 2010

More Binder Sneak Peeks...

When the Binders were finished, Susan was thoughful enough to snap a few pictures before she mailed Kathryn's and Eric's and hand-delivered Vincent's. The pictures have been sitting on my desktop, but I've been rather busy at the university - I'm very sorry about the delay! This is merely a random assortment of the variety of letters we received, but we thought you might enjoy to have a little sneak peek!

If you're receiving this as an e-Mail update and cannot see the slideshow, follow the link to the blog.

Binders Received and Forwarded

Sorry we're a little slow getting this information out! Our apologies!

Kathryn Erbe's Binder and Eric Bogosian's Binder were shipped to their agencies June 2, received by June 8, and we have heard they were forwarded to the actors!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Imitating Life

We received this comment the other day from Anonymous and I thought it was so good we didn't want you to miss it. Especially in light of the confusion over the airing of Loyalty last night. Did anyone see the first part of Loyalty, or was it just me who missed it because I was totally messed up by my guide? I found golf and some other weird thing. NBC strikes out again in my book. CTV follows close behind.... Perhaps it's time for another postcard/email campaign.

Thanks to Anonymous for this post! Take a bow!

Loyalty = art imitating life
Chief Moran = Network's PTB
Goren = VDO
Eames = KE
Ross = EB
The Chief/PTB wanted to get rid of Goren/VDO
The departure of Eames/KE and Ross/EB are casualties/collateral damages.
If this was clever or lame from the writers part, that's another story.