Monday, June 28, 2010

Binders Received and Forwarded

Sorry we're a little slow getting this information out! Our apologies!

Kathryn Erbe's Binder and Eric Bogosian's Binder were shipped to their agencies June 2, received by June 8, and we have heard they were forwarded to the actors!


  1. The whole project went so perfectly. It was a bit sad to do these last duties and seeing the end of all our work, but I'm also very proud of the crew and every single letter writer.

  2. What a thrill to know the binders were sent to the actors! I wonder what they think!

  3. Exelente trabajo, que mas se puede decir, solo espero que estos actore lo sepan apreciar, porque ralmente es un trabajo hecho con mucho cariño, todo lo que sentimos por ellos, y en especial lo que sentimos que hayan partido, ojala tuvieras noticias como lo recibieron. Muchas gracias por compatir algo tan bonito.