Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Imitating Life

We received this comment the other day from Anonymous and I thought it was so good we didn't want you to miss it. Especially in light of the confusion over the airing of Loyalty last night. Did anyone see the first part of Loyalty, or was it just me who missed it because I was totally messed up by my guide? I found golf and some other weird thing. NBC strikes out again in my book. CTV follows close behind.... Perhaps it's time for another postcard/email campaign.

Thanks to Anonymous for this post! Take a bow!

Loyalty = art imitating life
Chief Moran = Network's PTB
Goren = VDO
Eames = KE
Ross = EB
The Chief/PTB wanted to get rid of Goren/VDO
The departure of Eames/KE and Ross/EB are casualties/collateral damages.
If this was clever or lame from the writers part, that's another story.


  1. Apparently, NBC felt golf was more important than LOCI. They just don't care about it anymore. Have I mentioned today that I hate NBC?

    Oh, and Anonymous, I think the writing in this epi was lame. Your post was clever.

  2. Love this post - and really think NBC has lost its collective marbles...

  3. Caught part one on CTV last night at 8 and part 2 on NBC at 10. Thank goodness I didn't wait to watch it at 9. I would have been royally pissed.

  4. Pero por supuesto, al Jefe siempre le molestó Goren, o no recuerdan cuando lo suspendió por 6 meses sin goce de sueldo, era una gran molestia, y realmente Ross y Eames son daños colaterales, , tanto es así que le proponen ascender a Capitan a Eames para que sea ella la que le eche, porque yo no entiendo porque lo iban a llevar a un juicio si Goren descubrio la verdad de todo ? acaso no deberian de estar contento por ello?, entiendo que el FBI queria tener la testigo , pero solo por Goren lo ataca él es suspendido ? es mandado evaluación, esa parte es poco entendible, como tambien lo es su despido, son escenas pocos claras, nada de lo ocurrido justificaba un despido. YO SOLO ESPERO UNA REIVINDICACI´N A gOREN Y QUE REGRESE A LA sERIE PARA VOLVER A VERLA.

  5. It's interesting that NBC never aired Loyalty Part I... and probably never will. They already repeated Broad Channel (the first one without Goren/Eames) and have re scheduled Delicate for July 24...

    BTW the ratings in NBC are very low (the CSI repeats in CBS are doing better).