Monday, May 31, 2010

The Main Course - Delivering Vincent's Binder

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your patience. I have been reeling since Friday night! The story of the delivery of Vincent's binder is as follows:

My husband (who apparently will do anything for me – as I would for him!) and I arrived at Joe’s Pub at about 10:30PM Friday night. We went directly to the Box Office to pick up our tickets and the bouncer inquired as to what was in the box, which was rather large and clumsy to carry. I replied “It’s a gift for Mr. D’Onofrio.” After we received our tickets, we returned outside to wait in line for the doors to open for the show.

We noticed the bouncer talking to a few employees and directing their gaze to us. Then he came outside and spoke with one of the actresses in the movie, motioning with his hands toward us. My husband said “Uh oh. They’re having a problem with the box.” (I was prepared to have the box inspected as we were in NYC and I assumed there might be a perceived threat.) Next the bouncer came over to us and said “About the gift…” I interrupted him and said, “If you’re concerned, you have my permission to inspect the box.” He replied “No, it’s not that. I’m trying to figure how you are going to get it to him. I spoke with an actress in the movie, and she agreed to deliver it to him backstage.” I was disappointed. “You mean you don’t think I’ll have a chance to give it to him myself?” “No, that’s not an option” he answered, “but heck, I’ll deliver it to him myself right now.” Again, I asked “This is my only option?” “If you want to be sure he gets it” he replied. So I handed it over to him and thanked him. Moments later he returned saying “Oh he really loved it! Just loved it!” We were thrilled.

A few minutes later, a man who at first I thought might be the pub manager, but later thought was Vincent’s bodyguard, came over to us and said “Oh God, he really loves that gift. Really. He wants to meet you after the show. Are you staying for the show?” “Oh yes! Yes, we are!” we enthusiastically replied. “Okay then, I’ll come and get you after the show” stated the (wonderfully nice) man. We were stunned! Happily stunned…but stunned none the less.

Once inside Joe’s Pub, we were seated at a table in the front row! I was so excited! My husband spotted Vincent backstage and we gawked for a few minutes until the show began. Then Vincent came out on stage to introduce his movie. He was funny and witty and he unnecessarily directed us to all have fun. The movie was intense and, as expected, gory; and the music…the music was great! The actors did a good job acting and a fabulous job performing Sam Bisbee’s music. The story had a jaw dropping conclusion, with Mr. D’Onofrio’s mark all over it! (And Eric Bogosian’s face in it!)

Next we were treated to a live performance of the music in the movie by the actors in the movie, accompanied by Sam Bisbee, the composer, on piano/guitar. A surprise visit from George Geronimo Gerkie, who sang, in his GGG way, “I’m in Love with a Man”, was a highlight in the show. In my opinion, Mr. D’Onofrio’s character spoke (sang) his piece on the repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the US Military. Afterward the show continued with the wonderful music of the movie performed by the cast and Mr. Bisbee. Rousing cheers and applause were heard at the end of the whole thrilling experience!

As people began to leave, I sat down hoping that Vincent’s bodyguard would come out to get us as promised. But my husband saw the worried look on my face and decided to take action immediately. He went backstage, found the bodyguard and then summoned me to join them. Shaking, I did so. We were guided to a room where the cast and crew and their friends were all gathered chatting excitedly about the show. Towering above them all was the gorgeous Vincent D’Onofrio, dressed in a black shirt and black jeans (shocking, I know!) engaged in animated conversation with a group of people. We stepped to the side and waited as the bodyguard went over to Vincent. He spoke to Vincent and I expected him to then wave us over, but instead, Vincent wrapped up his conversation and came over to us! I was floored!

“Thank you. Thank you for the gift”, he said. I asked him if he liked it. He answered “Yes, very much.” He asked us where we were from and thanked us for coming to the show, especially at that late hour. My husband jokingly complained to Vincent about having to carry that box around all day. Vincent laughed. My husband then asked Vincent “Can I get a picture of you with my wife?” (Moi!) “Sure” said Vincent. While the photograph was being taken, all I could think was “Oh my God!”, but I was finally able to utter a question, “Would you mind signing a few autographs for the girls who couldn’t be here tonight?” “How many?” he inquired. (He must’ve thought I meant the many women who wrote the letters in the binder! LOL!) “Five – including one for me” I answered. “Oh sure” he said. Then he walked over to a chair, sat down, and began signing the pictures I’d printed up for the Binder Project Crew.

And, just like that woman in the Archival Library in the LOCI episode “Undaunted Mettle”, I hovered. I explained who each one was for “This one is for Suzanne. She’s from Canada and she ran this whole project.” He smiled at the “Goren and Eames ARE Criminal Intent” postcard that Suzanne had designed. I laughed to myself as I said “This one is for Antje. She’s from Berlin.” “Oh” he commented with raised eyebrows and a nod. This patient, cordial, and incredibly handsome man continued signing, while I babbled on about Barbi from Virginia and Hannah from Austria, and how the letters for him in the binder came from all over the world including Peru, Sweden, and Australia, and how much we love him and miss him, but also look forward to all his new stuff.

When he was finished signing, and I have no idea where this came from, (my heart I guess!) I asked him “Can I give you a kiss?” (I am such a hussy – as Suzanne says!) He smiled and graciously obliged me. He returned the kiss on my cheek and gave me a hug. I hugged right back! He thanked us again for coming and we thanked him for everything.

And that’s what it means to have a dream come true.

Thank you all for your participation in this project. It was fun and hard work to put it together, but the Binder Project Crew found it to be a labor of love. Kathryn’s and Eric’s binders are ready to be shipped to their agents, and will be sent out as soon as possible. Again, many thanks to you all who made this project a huge success.

Susan, Suzanne, Barbi, Hannah and Antje (The CI Binder Project Crew)


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! And thanks to your husband as well, how awesome!

  2. This was truly the best outcome we could have hoped for! Personal delivery and a what nice way for Vincent to wrap up his evening, eh? :)

    BTW, may I, as Head Cheerleader, pick up my pom-poms one more time and say THREE CHEERS FOR SUSAN - AND HER HUBBY, TOO! :)

  3. Thank you so much for making this happen Susan! It's far, far beyond what any of us expected when we began this. Without you, we would have no incredible story or spectacular photos compliments of your devoted hubby. Thanks for jumping off a cliff with me! You're amazing!

  4. I just happen to live close enough to go to the show. We all did this together and we all had our own part to do. I'm just grateful we had such a great response from Vincent's fans making this whole project worthwhile! Knowing he loved it certainly feels good too!

  5. The best part is that he really loved it! ;-)

    And again, thank you very much for the updates.

  6. That was a fantastic account of your adventure...I truly enjoyed reading it! All of you did a tremendous job and to see all of that work culminate to its delivery must leave you on Cloud Nine. Congratulations!

    I could truly feel your excitement reading your story. I am so thrilled for you. Thank you so much for putting this project together. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

  8. This story made me smile all over. What a PERFECT outcome. Now Vincent will know just how much his performance as Bobby Goren all those years meant to people.

  9. Oh, what a great story. Thank you for making this possible. I just wish I'd written something better.

  10. I did not participate in this project at all, but I know how excited everyone must be, because I am SO excited for all of you. I think there was some concern about if he would even get it or not, because these things do have a way of getting :lost". But thanks to Vincent doing more public appearances this was possible (although still took some crafty dealing) to pull off. Thank you to Vincent for being such a great guy, and to you and your hubby.

  11. As a certain actor said recently, Susan...
    You're teriffic ;-)

    (and the DH, too!!)

  12. Que envidia, se que hicieron un trabjo maravilloso y me imagino que lo habra gustado mucho, tenfdria que darse cuenta de todo lo que significó en esta 9 temporada de LOCI para todos nosotros, y lo mucho que sentimos su salida. Que userte que tiene de poder verlo personalmente,, para mi es un sueño maravilloso pero muy lejano por no decir imposible, igual yo siento en mi mejilla ese beso, gracias por compartir toda esta alegria con nosotros, gracias Suisan y su marido, que placer el haber estado tan cerca de Vincent.

  13. I'm all butterflies and hot flashes! Thank you for living out our dreams and making this wonderful project a reality with a very happy ending. Thanks to all for your great work! You've made so many people happy and thanks for sharing your incredible evening!

  14. This story is fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us! :D

  15. I sincerely envy your opportunity to actually speak and(DEEP SIGH)kiss Vincent D'Onofrio. I wasn't surprised at his reaction since he has always shown himself to be a classy gentleman in his dealings with his fans.

    I, too, will greatly enjoy seeing him in his newest projects and sincerely wish that will one day win an Emmy,Oscar,and a Tony that will leave Wolf and the other knotheads at LOCI gnashing their teeth at letting such a superb actor go! Aka Xeresa

  16. Thanks so much for delivering the binder personally (and having the guts to do so!) and for sharing your fabulous experience w/ us! I know we all figured we'd probably never know whether or not he got the binder. Now, we know he'll read those letters! Thanks to the Binder Crew for all the extremely hard work you put into this! It sure paid off!

  17. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!

  18. That is so awesome! I loved reading your account of the evening! This was the perfect grand finale for the binder project! :-) All of you ladies are amazing and did a fantastic job!!!

  19. I am overwhelmed with all the "thank you's" from our blog and message board friends - believe me, it was my pleasure! I'm thankful to have been working with the rest of the crew, who have become wonderful friends! And I'm also thankful for Vincent's talent, grace, and generosity. He is a special man.

  20. how many letters went into the binders?

    wish captain deacons and ada carver(jamey and courtney) were a part of this

    they were a BIG part of what started it all

    the were the orginals, who made the show a huge success

    i liked eric too but there was nothing like the old crew, the four of them together was just perfect harmony

  21. OH..MY..GOODNESS!!! I would have fainted dead away on the spot. To look in his eyes. To even touch his hand! OH! I hope he loves all of our letters! I have been trying to get his autograph..even sent self addressed some response from the network..probably too late now..

    My heart would have been pounding!!


    DOUBLE sigh...

    Love you Vincent!!
    Love Kathryn and Eric too!

  22. So glad he liked it! Glad you got that opportunity too, I would have died! Thanks for sharing this story!