Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Binder Sneak Peaks!

The Criminal Intent Binders have been acquired and are being decorated with some important accessories such as pens, post-it notes, business cards and calculators that look like cell phones! And there is more to come - including the all-important letters.
Enjoy the show!
and if you haven't written your letters - get busy!!
You'll notice we didn't choose the manila folder for Ross!! ;-)


  1. The binders are fantastic! Thanks for sharing and for your great work.

    I'm just wondering... how many letters and from which countries have you received by now? I'm very curious! :-)

  2. Did anyone see the first part of the 2-part last night. I can't take it if we can't save or bring back Goren and Eames with this project to save them. THanks to all who organized this? Please tell me, someone, what the episode was like last night. Do you think we have any hope? I even emailed Dick Wolfe--I know, like he cares.

  3. Thanks for writing, Lynne. I don't see any way we can "save" them now, but we can thank them for their terrific work. The Binder Project is our way of thanking them. I hope you will send letters for them to us and be included in our tribute to them.
    There are many blogs out there dedicated to VDO and the show. Check out some of the supporting blogs on our list (in the right column). You are sure to learn many details of last night's episode.

    All our best,
    Susan and the Saving Goren and Eames Now Crew

  4. This just KILLS me!!! You guys have done FANtastic work. My low life friends don't understand why I'm so upset(my sweet sis does, though). The show's dead to me after this.

  5. Hey Guys!

    This a terrific project and a lovely way to thank the actors. We none of us seem to know the details of this sad end to Goren, Eames and Ross, but the actors may have ideas about other projects that excite them and now they will have the time to pursue them.

    On another note, I'm a bit distressed that many people are expressing that the show is dead to them without Goren, Eames and Ross.

    The creators and writers have done a terrific job of creating interesting characters with compelling backstories on all three of the L&O shows.

    My feeling is that Jeff Goldblum's character has a lot to recommend him and that LOCI can go on (I hope!) with a terrific actor and the team who create the show.

    I'm here to express my support for everyone who will, from now on, be delighting us with LOCI, the great plot lines, the fantastic scripts, the mise-en-scenes (remember, this is an expensive show to do), and every other element that has made LOCI so fantastic for eight years.

    I hope LOCI gets a twentieth anniversary! I'm hooked and plan to watch

  6. These look great! I'm busy trying to conjure up a good letter, but words escape me. I will do my best and email them to you by Friday. - Adele

  7. are you going to put some Skittles in Alex's binder? :D

  8. You betcha, appy! Thanks for the reminder!