Monday, April 12, 2010

Tickets to the Opera

Our latest addition to Danny Ross's binder!
Cara had this great idea.....

For Ross, 2 fake tickets to the Met? Is that where he was going with Rodgers that night? If so, I would recommend the opera Tosca by Puccini because it features an evil chief of police! The hero and heroine are betrayed by him. Mario gets killed and Tosca jumps to her death. I see parallels!

Ask and you shall receive Cara!
Thanks to Antje's research and Photoshop magic, these two "tickets" will be included!


  1. Oh. You ladies are good. VERY good. I'm amazed!

  2. OH!!!! es para verlo, exelente, POBRE CAPITAN!!!!

  3. Olvide preguntar tan solo nos dedicaremos a despedir a nuestros favoritos????? No seguiremos luchando para que regresen????

  4. That is awesome!