Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Letter to Eric Bogosian

Do you want write a letter to the departing stars of Law and Order Criminal Intent, but you don't know what to say?

We hope this will help. We've composed a letter below. If you'd like to sign it (sort of like a petition!) please add your name in the comments section and approximately where you're from. Feel free to add any other thoughts, as well, and we'll include them in the binder.

I wish to thank you for bringing Captain Danny Ross to life on our television screens. Your portrayal of this conflicted man brought a whole new level to the Major Case Squad, increasing the drama surrounding the cases and the characters.

Captain Ross could be sarcastic and “reductive”, but also compassionate and diverse. He could be irrational and santomonious, as well as reasonable and sincere. There's nothing better for a LOCI fan than to observe a new and complex character and you gave us that opportunity.

Thank you. You will be missed.


  1. Tanya from Ottawa.
    I really liked this guy. ok but not that chris noth i HATE him not sure why i just do! hard to be as good as vincent eh?

  2. June M. from Northridge, CA ...and I would like to add, not just 8 seasons, it's 8 seasons + 1 episode!

  3. I will miss Danny Ross' brooding buddha quality so much. Eric you had so much presence as this character and I wanted more seasons.

  4. After Jamey Sheridan, you won me over, and, it's a shame you weren't able to fully develop the character of "Danny Ross." You are extraordinarily talented and many good wishes for what I know will continue to be a successful career for you. Thank you.

  5. Goren, Eames, and Ross are C.I. !!!!!!!!