Friday, October 30, 2009


Please feel free to leave your thanks and best wishes for
Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe here.


  1. Dear Mr. D'Onofrio, Ms. Erbe, and Mr. Bogosian,

    I am crushed at the news that you are leaving LOCI during Season 9. When this news becomes reality, I will no longer watch the show. You ARE Law and Order: Criminal Intent!

    I'd like to offer you my gratitude for the wonderful work you have done on LOCI.

    Detective Robert Goren is, and always will be, my hero – a brilliant, courageous, empathetic, genuine, and good-hearted man with a tragic personal story. Mr. D'Onofrio, you have truly given us a character to admire and remember forever. And I will miss your handsome “regular guy” face playing a character who is an shining example of good police officers everywhere. I have seen almost all of your movies and have enjoyed all of your characters, but Robert Goren is my favorite to date. Who knows though, George Geronimo Gerkie is pretty exciting too! And Sam Deed ...well talk about the perfect boyfriend! Pooh Bear, Pvt. Pyle, Carl Stargher and Tony Randozza were frightening; Guy, Mr. Blue, and Bob Howard were so intense; your depiction of Orson Welles was astounding in “Five Minutes Mr. Welles”(Thank you so much for sharing that on YouTube, by the way); “Ole” and Dennis Grobowski cracked me up; and Cholo, Valentino, Joseph Santangelo, Elton Garrett and your portrayal of Abbie Hoffman were sizzling, I could go on and on - so I seem to enjoy each and every one of your characters! Please continue to give them to us! Keep fighting those Republicans and doing your generous charity work. I so admire you for both.

    Detective Alexandra Eames has shown great strength, bravery and compassion and is a role model for all women. Goren would be completely lost without Eames. She is a steadfast friend and partner. Ms. Erbe, you've taken a second place role and turned in a first rate performance. You should have won Emmys for “Blind Spot” and “Purgatory”! Also Ms. Erbe, I've loved seeing you with your hair up; it emphasizes your youthful beauty! I look forward to the release of “Three Backyards” and any other projects you have up your sleeve. And I want you to know my family and I adopted a mutt from our local dog pound and he is the heart of our home. Keep up your great work with animals; they need you!

    I met you both at the Season 2 DVD signing in NYC in 2006 and that enchanting, endearing experience will be a memory I cherish for the rest of my life! Eight years of my two favorite characters, and I still want more!

    And Captain Daniel Ross, what can I say. You have irritated the hell out of me for the last few seasons as a thorn in the sides of my favorite detectives - a tribute to Mr. Bogosian's acting ability. Mr. Bogosian you will be missed. By the way, I have recently seen your blog and find your insights fascinating. I'll be checking in there too!

    Thank you all for the joys, sorrows, and thrills you have given me. I look forward to any new movies and projects you may decide do in the future. Please know that people in living rooms all over the world will miss you terribly – especially me.

    You have my sincere best wishes for continued success and good luck in your careers and families.

    Susan Civitelli

  2. Susan- OMG! You make me want to's a eulogy for my favorite show...well done!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Susan. I have always been a fan of Law and Order, and just started getting in to Criminal Intent a few years ago once I realized that USA played marathons of it. I caught up on everything and am absolutely in love with the characters of Goren and Eames.

    Mr. D'Onofrio, your acting is superb and you are my top law enforcement crush! I cried when I read up on the background of Robert Goren, and I know that there is no Criminal Intent with out yourself and Ms. Erbe. Y'all made the show worthwhile. I will always know you as Edgar the Bug from Men In Black, and as Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. I only wish I had the opportunity to meet you to tell you this in person.

    Ms. Erbe, Susan is right. You took a second place role and made it first rate. I always loved the interaction between Eames and Goren. Your acting is always on spot and it should have been you winning awards for your performances. The fans will never be loyal to the show now that you are not on there. I also look forward to what ever upcoming projects you have in the works. You will remain Detective Alexandra Eames to me.

    Criminal Intent will never be the same. Even though I didn't like Ross at first, he came to grow on me. I'm even in the works of writing a fanfic featuring him. I have already vowed not to watch the show after the three main characters are gone. I will always always have my fanfiction, as will the other authors. is a great source for a fix. I will continue to write Goren and Eames as my favorite couple (although nothing was official on the show), and sadly now there's nothing left for me to watch of Law and Order.

    Thank you SO much NBC/USA for KILLING Criminal Intent. You're taking away the three MAIN characters on the show and expect fans to remain loyal. With out Eames and Goren the show is worthless. I love Jeff Goldblum...but it's just not the same with out my two fav detectives. Yes, even Ross too!

  4. Dear Vincent, Kathryn and Eric:

    I know it's crazy, but I feel like I knew you (after all, I am one of many others emailing to certain people at NBCU).

    I'm sorry for you if all went worst because of what we did. I do not regret for express them what I thought about them (I only hope/wish you could tell us one day what really happened).

    But now I want to thank you for the wonderful years of LOCI. I really enjoyed all of your performances, I felt your characters like real people. And I'm very sad that the show ends in the terrible way it's ending.

    I will never forget LOCI

    I will never forget Goren & Eames...
    and Ross... (and Rodgers, Wheeler, Logan, Falacci, Barek, Carver, Deakins, Bishop...)

    I wish you all the best things in life for all of you and your families. You certainly deserve it.

    Sorry for my poor english


    Maria Isabel T. (Lima, Peru)

  5. Dear Mr D'Onofrio,Mrs Erbe and Mr Bogosian,
    there's no way to thank you for all your efforts and true talent!
    If all the rumors are true (and I actually tend to believe it)I'm sure there will be justice.
    Don't forget that we,your fans,will support you three for as long as we can!There's just no way of stopping us'

    A few weeks ago I made a video for my blog as a goodbye.
    Anyone who's interested,here's the link:

  6. Realemete es una lastima que Goren & Eames no van a estar mas en la serie, D'Onofrio le daba al personajen Goren un carisma muy especial, que hacia que es especatador esté atentoasus salidas. Ojala vuelva pronto. Goren si!!!! otro NO !!!

  7. Desde PARAGUAY. olvide decirlo. como así tambien que he visto todas las temporadas de LOci, y con el la transformación de Goren, del joven detective dinámico, alegre, al detective,mas maduro y a quien esa madures le dio un caracter mas tranquilo, mas mensurado,interpretado tan magnificamente por D'Onofrio. Un hombre con quien la vida ha sido muy dura e injusta, la enfermedad y muerte de su masdre, el conocimiento de su verdadero padre, la muerte de su hermano y la caída de su mentor, todas personas de su afecto, quedado la inmensa trista marcada en su rostro y en su vida, como él cambia en su manera de ser,aun mas bello. Maravillosamente interpretado por este GRAN actor, Su fiel compañera,Eames, quien apesar de todassus tragedia supo sosterner a asu compañero, silenciosamente.Tengo aun la eperanza que todas las diferencias se arreglen, y vuelvan a la serie, espero que Wolf nos comprenda, y ceda un poco. No se si D'Onofrio leera esto pero igual le digo te AMO, y espero seguir viendote.

  8. Thank you so much Vincent and Kathryn for your outstanding talent that you showed on Law & Order CI over the years. The very first time I watched it was with the two of you on and I was hooked right away. Both of you are the reason I watch the show. Sadly, if you both leave I will not be watching anymore!! I always looked forward to the two of you and your working chemistry together. Goodbye to two of the best actors on TV. Love you and thank you, Michele B.

  9. Me niego a aceptar la salida de de Goren & Erbe, veo LOci solamente donde actua D'Onofrio, los otros capitulos no, porque sencillamente el nuevo detctive NO ME GUSTA, por lo menos si puieran a uno que sea tam bello como D?Onofrio.

  10. Susan you have written as if writing from my own heart. I adored 'Ole' and Sam Deed was in-Deed a great boyfriend; but like you, Bob Goren is my favorite of all. I will love him forever and would give my eye teeth for a Vincent D'Onofrio of my own. Vince your portrayal of Robert Howard was award worthy in my opinion!

    Kathryn you worked WONDERS with the awful scripts written since USA took over (I loved you in Oz by the way) and Mr Bogosian I love the way your Captain Ross reacted to Bobby! It was great! I can barely stand the thought of no more Criminal Intent. It is truly breaking my heart. I am SO glad we are putting together the binder project and have my pages almost ready. Criminal Intent cast, I am going to miss you all so much. But I look forward to whatever the three of you work on next! A Criminal Intent movie would be AWESOME!!

  11. Well it's the end of an era with two of our great characters Goren and Eames departing, after eight seasons of solving great criminal mysteries. Thank you Vincent and Kathryn for bringing such joy to our tv screens, and hopefully fans won't be disappointed with your last episodes. For the diehard romantics, hopefully we may see a touch of romance. Good luck to you both with your future projects

  12. I am crushed that D'Nofrio, Erbe & Bogosian will not be back. I will no longer watch the show. They were the greatest team I have ever seen, great actors & made the show so believable. I love all of the Law & Order shows, but this was my BEST. I wish u all the very best of luck & I really hope to see u all on something else very soon. Thank you all/

  13. Susan,
    You expressed my sentiments exactly. I am so saddened by the departure of Goren and Eames and Capt. Ross. There will longer be a LO:CI without them - especially Goren and Eames. I too, will watch the episodes leading up to their departure, and then I too, will no longer watch the show. I do look forward to more of Mr. D'Onofrio's big screen appearances. I will however, miss Bobby Goren's weekly appearance in my home. I wish the departing cast the best of luck in all their future endeavors. I want to thank you for making eight wonderful seasons of bringing great characters to life. I will miss you all.

  14. As soon as I saw the commercials for the new season, well I knew what was going to happen. I don't know why this happens, but I can tell you the this will be the end of LOCI as without Goren and Eames, this show is dead. Goldbloom is okay, but not enough to keep this show going. Vincent D'Onofrio you are so intense in this part and you will definately be missed. Once you both are gone, so will I be gone. Kathryn Erbe has been the calm to Bobby's storms. You two are one of the great partners that will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for being there for us all these years. You will be greatly missed.

  15. I have watched LOCI since the beginning of the series. I am now addicted to the marathons on USA. I don't care how many times I watch an episode, I'll watch it again. I have been a fan of Vincent D'Onofrio's since I saw him in some obscure movie on a Saturday afternoon 25+ years ago. Wish I could remember what it was now. I refuse to watch the other actors who try to do "Criminal Intent." They just don't have it. As it is stated above, Goren and Eames are Criminal Intent. I'll be watching every minute of the 2010 season!

  16. I have a been fan of L&O: CI and particularly of Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe since its inception. I will watch the finale next week with a heavy heart because I have no interest in watching the "new" CI. And sadly, I think this may be the very last season because without Bogosian, D'Onofrio, and Erbe, the show is NOT Law & Order Criminal Intent! The bosses at NBC/USA should be savvy enough to know if it's not broke, don't mess with it!

    Best wishes to those leaving the show and when one stage door closes, I am sure you three will enter a better stage door that opens.

  17. USA_Network is losing 3 of the best actors. I have followed Vincent D'Onofrio career since the start. He is an awesome actor. Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian are also the best actors. I will not watch after next week's show. They really royaly ruined the show and on top of that, they put JG on the show. So-So actor at best. I will follow Vincent wherever he may be. VINCENT D'ONOFRIO, KATHRYN ERBE, ERIC BOGOSION. What a wonderful 8 years, sitting just to watch the show. I never missed the show, no matter what time it came on. I sincerely hope the show flops. It is not L&O:CI anymore. Its the JG show. Not a very interesting show. NO one can replace or even compete with Vincent,Kathryn, Eric. I already have found 2 replacement shows for that time period. So sad that they couldn't work a deal for Vincent, Kathryn and Eric to have stayed. Alot of people of really pissed and I can see why. 8 years of watching faithfully from NBC to USA_Network. I am not pleased at all. So long L&O:CI.

  18. I can't believe it ... actually, I do not want to believe it!

    I love L&O but until about 7 yrs ago I didn't pay as much attention to CI due to my work and/or school schedule. Well, one day it happened and I truly paid attention to "Bobby" and Eames and I've been hooked every since. The way I've judged CI in the last few years with Mike and now JG (the former I love in every single other thing he's done except CI ... remember I truly love Bobby, so it's never been anything personal about Mike, and the latter, well no, no no) is waiting to see the opener and letting them run the credits to make sure I see Bobby (leaning over) and NOT Mike or worse JG, then I would stay and watch for sure. At first I trusted the listing or the tv guides but I soon found out they listed Goren and Eames in an attempt to stuff Mike and/or JB down our throats. No way ....

    All the other L&Os are set up so that most of the stars (I am NOT counting Sam or Anita -- so I'll be crushed again very soon when Anita, for sure, leaves) can come and go and we loved them but also loved their replacements, but not CI. It was not formatted that way so CI fans are crushed. They (Goren and Eames) became like family and now this .... like death in the family to me, truly.

    Unless they wanted to leave, there is no way that this should be happening. I am truly saddened and disappointed with all involved in this situation.

    I will continue to have my crush on big, smart, sensitive Bobby. I know that he will absolutely do well in whatever he wants to do. Kathryn, with the most adorable face and smile and the smarts to know that if you are given a role which puts you in the second seat, you CAN make it a co-partnership affair. I will forever remember her "acquired taste" speech ... wonderful! Well done and please keep up all of your good work.

    I will watch the 2nd part of this CI disaster and after that I will look for repeats with Bobby. That's it, I quit.

    P.S. I'd appreciate it if anyone who continues to watch CI would let me know if Goren and Eames make "guest" appearances -- I read this could happen but that may just be a come on to keep us watching CI. I would then watch (with a little distaste as I would still consider it to be "their" show). And thanks to the writers, network, etc. for at least NOT killing Goren and Eames off (from what I read, at least). That I would never been able to swallow.

  19. Best Wishes to Vincent, Kathryn, and Eric!! In my opininion Kathryn is the all time Best Supporting Partner and played an equal to the amazing talent of Vincent D'Onofrio. It will be hard not to see you together anymore. Vincent, you portrayed a "quirky" character whereas Jeff Goldblume is naturally quirkly so he doesn't bring the audience anything new with his acting, ergo the reason why LOCI fans are in despair. No one can match what you created with the Bobby Goren character no matter how hard they try. Watching you is like watching a magician and maybe that magical skill is why you are so good at your craft. You have exemplified the skill and natural ability a person must have to truly be a great actor and not just a good one. I admire the creativity and level of humanity you put into every role you take. Criminal Intent will always be the best show on TV for me (past tense). I hope beyond hope that someone will develop another character you can bring to television so your fans can enjoy your work on a regular basis. I I am okay that you are okay with leaving. I just wish you would have been given a better send off with answers to the questions generated by the story line. You gave so much to this role it was unfair of the network not to complete the character in a more fitting manner. Your fans really rallied to show support of your work and just want you to be recognized accordingly. Vincent, your fans have spoken loudly and in doing so we have presented you with our symbol of an Oscar, an Emmy, a SAG award, and anything elso out there that is usually just a popularity contest. With you it is a reflection of true talent and an ability to peal away the layers of a character to let the audience in completely. Thank you Mr. D'Onofrio!! Your fans will always admire you!

  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Also, thanks to everyone who has a part in the making of LOCI! Terrific job!

    Although I'm saddened by the loss of the Goren, Eames and Ross characters, I'm hooked on LOCI and hope to be watching it for many years to come.

    Let's thank Mssrs. D'Onofrio and Bogosian and Ms. Erbe, and please, at least some of us, let's welcome Mr. Goldblum and eveyone else.

    And, certainly, we can continue to extend special thanks to René Balcer, Stephanie Sengupta, and everyone else who has a hand in this outstanding program.

  21. Dear Mr. D'Onofrio:

    My hope is that I shall be seeing you on other exciting and compelling projects. And, sir, you can dance!

    With many thanks.

  22. Dear Vincent and Kathryn,

    Thank you so much for all the unique drama you have created in your roles in Law and Order: CI. The departure of Goren and Eames has been very hard on all of us fans. I have not felt this way about a television drama in literally decades. Mr. D'Onofrio, your ability to bring so much psychological insight into your character, and make us see him bringing that same insight into others, was truly unique. I look forward to your future roles. Ms. Erbe, your screen partnership with Vincent was special and I always loved your portrayal of Eames' clever wit. Good luck in your future roles too.

    I hope it will not be years and years before I find a show this good again. Good luck to both of you and your families!


  23. Mi querido Bobby: Muy dolorosa la partida, pero así son todas las despedidas, lo estrañaré muchisimo mas pensando que no si si lo volverá a ver tal vez en otra serie? aunque prefiero que regrese a loci junto a Eames ustedes formaban una gran pareja. Ojala vuelvan poruq es la única forma de verlo, yo estoy muy lejos. Les deseo a mabos exitos en futuros trabajos que desde luego no les faltará porque ers un MUY GRAN actor, Solo te dire que te has equivocado, tu reemplazante no llena el vacio que has dejado. Hasta pronto!!!!! I love you.

  24. Last week's final farewell ot what has now become the remnents of Criminal Intent was heartbreaking, pathetic & sad beyond words. I've given up trying to understand the impossible: how this cabal at USA/NBC Universal have proven themselves so blind, greedy & artistically clueless to attempt continuing C.I.'s journey minus the imaginative, authentic performances of the great Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe & Eric Bogosian. Giving the new kid a bunch of one-liners and the intelligence to speak fluent French & Urdu doesn't come close to making her an amalgam of Eames & Goren. This painfully obvious cheap trick made about as much sense as visiting the Sistine Chapel and forgetting to look up!

    So...until we see you all again...Good-bye--Thank you & Bon Voyage___

    Eric Bogosian--From your first episode, as Danny Ross took command of the Major Case Squad's frantic search for Eames, you won our hearts & piqued our excitement & curiosity with your energy & authoritative presence. In spite of the way your character was portrayed at the end--the fans know that Ross died a hero who risked & sacrificed his life for humanity and what he believed to be the "Greater Good" because it was right. It's as simple as that. He wasn't a weak malcontent who needed one grand gesture to "validate" his life--being a strong, loving father & decorated police captain who served the citizens of NYC while earning the trust & loyalty of all his MCS detectives is proof enough to realize Ross' life was well and thoughtfully lived. We will always appreciate your commitment to your character and ability to shine in every performance. You are greatly missed.

    Kathryn Erbe--Your talent & virtuosity appeared early on both in your guest spot on a tragic episode of Homicide and your work on Oz--I loved how you made playing such a complicated/conflicted woman look effortless. All of the fans genuinely recognize & respect your har work in every role you've played. It has been so much fun watching you grow so quickly in the role of Alex Eames. Your feisty, strong, sensitive performance was always in focus. I will so mis the wisecracks!!! Your talent & energy have always matched your on screen partner as you've brilliantly morphed what could have been a side-kick role into a feminist icon for generations to come. We miss you with all our hearts.

    Vincent D'Onofrio--I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz--I think I'll miss you the most. You are, hands down, one of the most dynamic, gifted actors of any generation. From Full Metal Jacket to The Whole Wide World to your 8 magical seasons on Criminal Intent and all points in between you've shown, both in front & behind the camera, a rare commitment to intellectual/artistic integrity in sharing the triumphs & frailties of the human heart and the unvarnished truth at the center of every character you play. You're so good it's scary. That everyone knows this makes saying good-bye that much harder. I'll always be grateful for the privilege of watching you play the brave, noble, damaged Robert Goren. Also, a sincere thank you for saving the final scene: Goren & Eames' embrace & kiss, which I know in myheart you improvised, said more than words ever could about the deep respect, love & loyalty these two partners & friends will always share. What you have and will continue to accomplish in your profession is important, profound and of great value. So are you. We will miss your presence always.

    To all---Take care, trust in your talent and believe--as your millions of fans do--that your future is as bright and endless as a cloudless, blue sky!

  25. To Vincent, I have loved your character of Bobby Goren, since the first episodes of L&O:CI. I have been following your career since you appeared in Mystic Pizza and Dying Young. I was glad to hear that you had signed on for L&O:CI. I have watched every episode since L&O:CI Season 1. I watched it when it was on NBC, then on the USA Network. I agree that you made GE a lot of money for them and for them to just let you go like that is a slap in the face. I saw you on an interview and said that you would never go back to L&O:CI, I don't blame you. I am waiting to hear what you are going to do next, whatever it is, I am a forever fan of yours. Some of the episodes had some humor in it and it was awesome when you tried to get the bad guy to really look at you, I liked the one where Griffin Dunne played a sleaze ball and Alex went in and he told her to move her shoulders back for her posture, then you came in and asked him what size of shoe he wore, you said maybe an 8 and your dropped your foot on the desk and said that you were a size 13. That was too funny. There have been alot of them to list, but you made the show the greatest show to watch. For 8 years and the 2 episodes in Season 9. I do not watch the new ones. They are stupid. I have DVD's and watch those instead. Good Luck Vincent in whatever you do. I support you all the way. For Kathryn Erbe, you and Vincent made a good pair. Always there when you both needed each other. I liked the episode when he nervously asked if you would meet his mother since his brother Frank (Tony Goldwyn)had talked you up. And you look at him and you didn't say yes, but everyone could tell that both of you would do anything for each other. You are the best Kathryn and I hope you luck always at whatever you do. I think that was a cheap shot the way they let all 3 of you go like that. For Eric Bogosian, I know you weren't on the show that long, but you are one of the best actors around and how they let you go, was not right. They really messed up the show, which by the way I no longer watch. All three of you are very talented and I will follow all of your careers. I really miss the old L&O:CI. It was really sad when Bobby kissed Alex in the cheek and you and she embraced for the last time. It was really sad to watch. To you Vincent, Kathryn, and Eric we will watch you in whatever you do next. We fans, will forever be grateful for all the years we spent watching your characters evolve. Love to each and everyone of you, your futures will be brighter for having done this show and the millions of fans like me, who watched every week. I thank you all for making me a faithful fan and I wouldn't have it any other way. A million thanks...THANK YOU FOREVER!!!!

  26. i would like to say thanks to vince kate and eric

    but i also want to give thanks to the those who were forgotten

    the real captain
    jamey was fanstic, he will always be "the captian" in my eyes

    and ada carver
    courtney vance, his great acting and his contribution to the show was also a big part of what made it a success

    these two started with the roots of this show and were also a part of what kept people coming back

    and then there are the writers who did a wonderful job of keeping the story lines interesting a real

    i wish they would have gotten binders too

  27. Once again we are ready to fight to keep this show on the air ! Without Vincent and Kathryn the show dive bombed to the bottom. Now that they are back and the ratings are once again up...what the _ _ _ _ is wrong with ya'll ? Whatever you who make the decisions are smoking, you'd better stop cuz that _ _ _ _ is illegal and we'd hate for you to get busted and be replaced by someone with a brain !