Thursday, October 8, 2009

From an interview with Rene Balcer

Found on All Things Law and Order Blog

Excerpt Quote:
Yesterday, I was fortunate to have a few minutes to talk one-on-one with René Balcer, Executive Producer of Law & Order. As fans, sometimes we take for granted all the people who work to deliver each episode to viewers, and I jumped at the opportunity to talk with the man who I see as the brains behind the operation. (A note to fans: he is also featured on page 84 of the TV Guide Law & Order Collector’s Issue.).....................

When I briefly touched on the recent news and resulting turmoil about the mass exits at Law & Order Criminal Intent, and I mentioned that the “whole gang” was leaving he commented, “Well, we’re not sure if the whole gang is going to leave so who knows? One thing I have learned in this business is until the check is cashed and you put it in the bank and until the show airs, nothing is written in stone.” I am going to resist reading anything into that comment, only that it is an indication of how fluid things in the television industry can be.

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