Friday, October 16, 2009

Fluffalanche arrives in NYC!!!

Today a mountain of Fluff will be arriving at USA Network offices!

We're wondering if they've decided to move the filming to Chelsea Piers so they won't be inundated with Fluffy stuff which has oozed from Rockefeller Plaza....

Fluffalanche arrives in NYC. Dozens stare in shocked disbelief as mountains of fluff cover city.

"I couldn't believe it!" one bystander said. "It just rolled a giant snowball. We had to wade through four feet of it just to get to the deli! Unreal!"
"Some of it's kinda sticky," observed a young boy as he reached down to put his small hands into a mound of the stuff. "It tastes like marshmallow candy, too!"

Authorities say schools are closed and businesses are shut down for the day due to heavy traffic snarls and downed power lines. Children and adults alike are taking advantage of the strange events. They are all flocking to Chelsea Piers with their hands and pockets full of the stuff. There is even a giant "fluffman" being erected down on the piers, though it bears a remarkable resemblence to a very famous actor. This reporter may have to brave the "fluff" and head on down to Chelsea Piers to check things out. Full report at eleven.

From On Location Vacations: Law and Order: Criminal Intent: I originally heard they would be filming on Staten Island but I also heard (from a very reliable source) that they would be filming at Chelsea Piers.

Thanks once again to Nantz for beginning the whole Fluff thang!

Thanks to OBC for the "news report"!

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