Sunday, October 11, 2009

From our Fluffmeister: a comment to the media

Can't you see what happened here? This was all in the making during the
past Season 8, the ole "set you up to fail" routine that the corporate
monsters are so good at.

The show had bad scripts, inexcusable continuity problems and the airing of episodes out of sequence. It had little to no promotion, was delayed more times than I can count and
half-hearted support at best. They don't give a rat's ass about the
viewers, they don't listen and now they have decided for us what they
think we should watch.

Bonnie Hammer is all about promoting her "blue sky" and "popcorn" crap because she thinks that we can't handle anything "dark", "dark" as in reality and instead would have us
skipping the yellow brick road to the Land of Oz.

Well, you know what?
Reality exists and yes, sometimes we like escapism but let us have a
choice! Even restaurants offer ala carte to their patrons. My answer to
them has been to come up with the idea to send jars of "Fluff" to the
execs as a symbolic gesture that they can keep their lighter fare

What they have done to LO: CI is downright shameful, a
show that's been around for 8 years and this is the thanks we get for
our loyalty, not to mention the disservice and injustice to the cast.
How can they wrap up 8 years in a 2 hour premiere? All we want is a
full Season 9 to properly tie up all loose ends and to give the cast a
mutually satisfying exit.

Money is a cruel bitch, but what you reap is
what you sow and in the end the money you think you saved is the money
you will lose when the viewers walk away once the key players are gone,
the ratings will be gone too.

And now that "Southland" has been
cancelled another nail is in the coffin for NBCU and it is my hope that
your network gets buried. For those that want to join forces to voice
your displeasure with the goings on with LO: CI please go to:

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