Thursday, October 15, 2009

How This is Different than Cancellation?

Thank you to redheaded_tigger on the USA forum for this analysis:

I really do think the "problem" we have with our LOCI campaign is that the show is not being cancelled, it's just removing the key players and taking the show in a completely different direction. Were the show actually being cancelled, we'd have thousands involved.
I don't think casual, even regular, fans will put 1 + 1 + 1 together and realize this was almost certainly a mass firing; they'll just think "gee, everyone's leaving". We see what's been up, and that's why we're in an uproar.

Now, that being said, we have inherently a different campaign going on with LOCI than Southland or Jericho or My Name is Earl do/did. Those shows are cancelled, which means strike the set,
release the space,
let the writers and crew go, etc. etc.
LOCI still has all those things in place.
They still need a wardrobe department.
They still need a set and props.
They still need cameramen and writers and gaffers and all those people.

It's easier to restart if all the pieces are already set up and not going anywhere. Also, there are several orders of magnitude difference between getting at least 2 actors back for an additional 6 shows than there is for rehiring all that crew. We are asking for far less. That tells me the sticking point is the "fluffiness" more so than the cash, but that's jmo.

I'm not giving up hope yet--we really aren't asking for much! We've already got 2 eps in Puntland. C'mon, 6 more G/E eps and a fitting end to their stories is too much to ask? What angers me is that apparently that is too much to ask of USA.

Win or lose, I have fought my hardest for this show. Everyone in the campaign has done what they can. And if we win, everybody wins--the actors, the casual viewers, and the folks that disagree with us. Trying to change things is the least I can do.

I don't know how much hope that inspires in you, but the battle would be much much harder were there not a show to come back to. And nobody has told us to cease and desist. (Anybody heard anything from Kate?) If nothing else, the actors know how much we love them. Right now, I'm running on that. I'm sure we'll hear more soon.

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