Friday, October 30, 2009

The Campaign – Phase 2!

Don’t Trust USA Network!
(they’ll sure as hell screw up your program)

In light of Vincent D’Onofrio’s radio interview, it is apparent to us that he will not be coming back to Criminal Intent no matter what we do.

It also appears that Kathryn Erbe was fired. And we assume the same for Eric Bogosian.

Although it breaks our hearts, we will not be continuing to campaign to return Mr. D'Onofrio and Ms. Erbe back for a full Season 9.

However, for those who wish to continue, the focus of the campaign has changed into expressing our huge displeasure in the way these fine actors have been treated AND how little respect USA has for their fans;

We want to thank everyone who has actively participated in the campaign so far and hope you will continue. We will no longer send out daily Hit Lists, but we will update the blog with new information and articles, so make sure you’re subscribed. We will continue to Tweet as long as you Tweet!

We have made our Media Hit List available to the right at the top of the sidebar as well as the USA/NBC executive contacts list. Feel free to crab at them any old time.

We would also like to offer our site as a place where you can say goodbye to Vincent and Kathryn in your own words in
Tributes entry.
Maybe they will read them and realize not only that we were willing to fight for them, but also why we love them.

Our efforts have not been in vain! Vincent, and we hope Kathryn, are aware of our efforts and as Vincent himself said in the radio interview; we made a good point –

the less Fluff on TV the better for everyone.


  1. I am writing to USA network AND NBC as they apparently have had it in for Dick Wolf's shows.

    I am sorry to hear that Kathryn is so upset and that Eric Bogosian was so disgusted he walked away. It's even more heartbreaking to know Vincent would have done another season if they weren't jerks about it.

    I'm not watching the season 9 premiere as I refuse to watch one of my favorite detectives die. In my mind, LOCI ended with season 7. Ladies Man would be an epilogue to show how Goren has recovered but other than that, Goren and Eames are alive and well and will keep on living in my mind.

    I absolutely loathe NBC and USA and Dick Wolf, even. He cares nothing about anyone else but himself. He thinks actors are all expendable? Well, let's just show him how they are not.

  2. Egads- I almost wish I hadn't asked the question. I feel awful! Maybe if everyone was still in full attack mode there might be some people reconsidering decisions. Though, I honestly think VDO would leave but I'd have taken 5 or 6 episodes instead of nothing!! Just because shooting stops soon doesn't mean that changes and rewrites can't be done. Let's hope that the "death" may be rethought. If WRXP in NYC was hit with so many e-mails that they were bouncing out of the inbox, just imagine what USA and NBC were getting. Bottom line is: Ratings mean everything and although I feel bad for Jeff Goldblum, CI is not like Law and Order the Mothership that can survive massive cast changes. The stories may be well written but for a show like Criminal Intent, execution is everything and NO ONE will ever fill D'Onofrio's shoes. The show will implode upon itself and ratings will tank. Watch the scramble to do a "Made for USA Movie Special". Rememeber when Logan was tossed from L&O ? How quickly did the 2 part movie to sate enraged fans happen? Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at meetings those executives are having? Do you really think they aren't squirming? Damage control is surely in for some late nights. If they kill Erbe/Eames off there will be another avalanche of outrage that they surely cannot afford. I wish that a Channel like Sleuth had original programming and was able to afford a show like CI! What a slap in the face that would be. Find some hope in small words..if VDO is willing to come back for a couple of episodes, maybe he would do 4 or 5 (no cameos please)? The sad thing is that the show will never survive long enough to know whether there would be another chance to get D'Onofrio back...this would be so much easier if they had crash landed on an island on another network. The "lost" and dead always come back there....sigh..

    Bett Hamilton ("the caller")

  3. Oh, I'm still in fight mode! I am ticked!

    Thanks for the comments y'all! Don't worry about typos, hon. We all make 'em! ;)

  4. Lol..I have just attacked some message board members that are thrilled to see the cast go and are talking some ridiculousness about how happy they are Golblum will take the reigns..I needed some good venting targets!! They were perfect targets..


  5. Bett- I am glad you asked the question! What a thrill to know he knows about our campaign and thinks it's great! Thank you!

  6. Me niego rotundamente a creer que puedan matar a Goren, seria una verdadera perdida.Conoci a este actor a traves de la serie, quiero seguir viendolo, Goldblum se un buen actor, pero lamentablemente se debe reconocer que no lo llega el personaje, no le sale con naturalidad, lo poco que vi es una mala copia de Goren. Pero todo tiene arreglo, mientras aun no se vea la nueva temporada tiene arreglo, aun hay tiempo. DEBEMOS SEGUIR LUCHANDO, SI HAY RESUCITARA UN MUERTO LO RESUCITAMOS!!!!!. SEGUIMOS CON LA LUCHA, DE GOREN SI!!!! OTRO NO!!!