Thursday, June 16, 2011

Law and Order: CI - More Please

Well, we were able to see our heroes come back for one more season...and what a season!! Fabulous!! Stupendous!! And joyous for all of us Goren and Eames fans!! It's what we dreamed of and fought for.

But it seems to be over all too soon. Vincent, Kathryn, and Dick Wolf have all indicated that if we write to USA Network, we might have another chance at seeing our favorite show renewed. We'd like to take that chance and try another email campaign, even though Vincent stated yesterday that it will be "gone forever" after the last two episodes. If I recall correctly, during our original campaign, he said he wouldn't be coming back - but he did! Things change. And people can make change happen!!

Below are the email addresses I've been writing to every day:

There is also a poll on the USA LOCI Message Board that our own Outerbankschick set up, where you can vote for renewal.

Join Law & Order: CI on Facebook and leave a comment.

Tweet your thoughts on Twitter.

Email your friends and ask them to write to USA Network.

If you have a blog, do a blogpost and tweet it.

LOCI is worth fighting for. None of us thought we'd get this 10th season, but we did! Let's give it another try! An 11th season is possible!!!

Thanks so much!!


  1. I have been e-mailing USA NETWORK for another season of LO:CI. Even the
    I can't seem to think that they would not listen
    to their fans. We did it once we can do it again
    Det.Goren and Det. Eames ROCK, LO:CI. So whatever it takes we can do it again. The Binder Project was great. Goren and Eames are the whole show. They are LO:CI.

  2. I tweeted a lot to USA Network the last couple of days, nbow I need to start writing emails.

  3. Siempre en todos mi comentarios dejo mis deseos por mas temporadas de LOCI, al serie esta fantastica y me parece que vale la pena seguir insistiendo, desde aqui yo voto por mas LOCI , quiero mas Goren & Eames.

  4. Renew Law & Order CI cuz the serie was just getting GOOD. Don't want to see a good show go!

  5. Of course we want more! More more more!! We can't get enough! :)