Friday, January 15, 2010

Greatest Detective Contest!

The Hallmark UK is running a "greatest detective" contest for all Law & Order Detectives!

Can you do something for your blog for this?

"2010 is a big year for Law & Order - it's been 20 years since Dick Wolf first brought the series to our screens - and what a 20 years. Inspired by the huge success of the original, two fantastic new Law & Order series were created: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent. All 3 series have been full of drama and have featured extra special guest stars...however, the real stars of the shows are the detectives.

Without a doubt Law & Order has the finest crime cracking talent on our screens today... but just who is the greatest of all?

We have shortlisted 10 detectives from all 3 shows and are letting you vote on who you think is the best.
The first 5 will be revealed from 7pm Saturday and the remaining 5 from 7pm Sunday.

Over the next 10 weeks we will be showing you the best episodes from all 10 detectives so you can make sure that you use your vote wisely.
The winner will be announced in an extra special finale weekend in April.

To really get to know the detectives a little bit more log on to the website and read all about them.

Happy voting!"

Thanks to Charley for this info!

1 comment:

  1. Por supuesto que votare por Bobby Goren, que para mi es el Detective. Por favor sigan con la lucha para que regrese pronto.