Sunday, August 7, 2011

Changing It Up

We're thinking it's time to change our focus. 
Lucky Chris McCumber
We think he needs to know how much we love Goren and Eames and we want them back for another season.

So please send your Tie Clips and Skittles to USA Network:

Chris McCumber
USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Add a note saying you want more Goren and Eames!

For more contacts to remind, please visit our Launching Operation Tie Clips and Skittles blog entry.


  1. I think we need to campaign a little more aggressive, and DIS, we might well heed. Want more loci. WE LOVE Goren & Eames. Too bad I live so far away I am from South America, will try to send at least a note to that address.

  2. I mean Aggressive continue to insist not to, sending notes, alfires. A tire not, keep asking. Trying to listen to us and know that to love one Goren & Eames.

  3. Perhaps we're taking the wrong route guys... I mean Wachtel's said it's about LOCI being "expensive" on their network (obviously shows like Fairly Legal, Psych, and Suits aren't).

    Has anyone thought about campagining to ship LOCI "back home" [on NBC]. It's not a bad idea really. - Someone's created this Facebook page with the 'intent' to get CI on NBC. Not a bad idea at all. If USA is saying screw LOCI, let's make a play for the opposite team!

    I KNOW everybody's heard of NBC's whacky new shows this fall: Whitney, Up All Night, The Playboy Club, etc. - I'd bet my check that two of those three will be cancelled, they might not even get an episode order. NBC's going to need some new shows out there!

    Bob Greenblatt said when he cancelled Law & Order: LA that he wants the L&O franchise to stay on NBC; cancelling the mother ship and LOLA isn't keeping it around. SVU is the only show left and half of it's fans are departing with stars Chris Meloni and B.D. Wong! The U.S. L&O brand is gone (and that's not fair)!

    If Greenblatt wants more L&O, let's show him fans are gonna fight for LOCI back! Besides, LOCI looks better with the NBC logo!

    What do you guys think? I wouldn't mind if NBC took LOCI back (if the episodes could be like the 1st-7th and 10th season episodes; and fans would tune in if they were!) Plus NBC's standards in the ratings are down from where they once were back in 2006/07 so LOCI would probably pull SVU's numbers (give or take).

    I think LOCI should be NBC bound now! Screw that "blue skies" USA Network crap! With the promo about them being #1 for five years; LOCI and Monk HELPED them be there, and they aren't even in the promo! That show Suits dominates USA Network promos!