Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeff Doesn’t Like His Tie Clips and Skittles?

You may have heard that Jeff Wachtel at USA Network is sending back his tie clips and Skittles? Really? Okay, not all guys like tie clips, but who could refuse a good Skittle?

Well Jeff, we’re not going to stop. You don’t need to wear the tie clips and you don’t need to eat the Skittles, but darn it, we want you to know that we love our Criminal Intent and would be over the moon with joy if you made more.

Face it Jeff. Some show you make this fall is going to tank - big time. And Law & Order Criminal Intent is a proven winner. We want you to know that the Criminal Intent fans aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be watching reruns (only 2 episodes from Season 9, mind you) and waiting.

So, what’s the problem?


  1. Yeah, I got mine back. I was going to ask if I was the only one but I have my answer now.

  2. Gente, não adianta mais . Nossa querida CI se foi definitivamente e junto dela meu lindo Bobby Goren...SNIFF. Não podemos fazer mais nada.
    Ou ainda podemos?

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  3. Jeff, why are you so not listening to us fans, we love LO:CI and would love for you to do another 2 seasons at best. I really didn't think that season 10 answered alot of questions and answers. To clear up some of them, would you please consider doing more of the show. GOREN AND EAMES ROCK. Again they are the whole show, it wouldn't have been as popular if other actors played them (as in JG). The show tanked when he was hired to do the show. No one can replace Vincent and Kathryn. What happens when Goren and Eames go to another murder scene in the last part of the series finale? We just want to keep watching LO:CI. What can we say, we love the show. Please would you consider doing more of LO:CI, us fans would be very appreciative of you doing so. LOVE LO:CI.....

  4. Because so hard to understand that we want more seasons of Law & Order CI, it is difficult to understand that many people like to see the show? We like Detective Goren, played by Vincent D'Onofrio, or is dificl also understand that we like to see this great actor?. It is certainly not a series that may like the very young who love to see characters who are transformed into other, flying, but many of us like to see real things, because what you see on LOCI, are the things that happens in the real, learn step, in this series learned that there is a disease such as Asperger syndrome, and so other many more. Should be happy and grateful that achieved a series that captivated the public. LOCI love, I love Goren.


    Yeah. Skittles. Cute idea.