Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Need a Tie Clip?

Criminal Intent fan Ruby has offered to share her abundance of tie clips!  It seems she has been very successful on eBay. 
Way to go Ruby!!! 
Details below......

Ruby will send you tie clips for $1.50 each plus the shipping cost.  She may be paid via PayPal.  To contact her, email calico2@zoominternet.net and you can work out the details.
Wow, what a haul!  Thanks Ruby!


  1. Que maravilla!!!! un exito total , ojala nos escuhen y decidan hacer mas temporada de LOCI, yo por mi parte envia mail a las direcciones indicadas, es lo que puedo hacer desde la distancia. POR LA VVUELTA DE LOCI, POR MAS GOREN!!