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New Examiner Article by Terra King about LOCI

Law and Order: CI Information revealed New cast member announced
November 1, 11:27 PMLas Vegas Movie/TV/DVD Examiner Terra King

Below is the main body of an email I received from a good friend of this column and of CI fans everywhere.

It is based on the words of someone who has proven that they know what they are talking about. I wouldn't print it if I didn't believe it to be true, to the best of both of the people involved's knowledge.

A little background. There were power changes at NBC a few years ago. These powers wanted NBC to reflect THEIR views so like a lot of people who move into a power position they want things their way. First they wanted all long running shows gone-This meant basically ER and all of the Law and Orders. Right off they set out to cancel the mothership and CI. But here comes DICK WOLF and his contract which states they HAVE to keep the shows for X amount of years or pay him multi-millions. Needles to say the POB (Powers that be) were pissed. There was also a clause the shows had to maintain a certain rating. Which all did. So the POB did what we all know--changed the cast of the mothership and moved CI to USA but USA embraced them and it became the number one drama in their cable category.

NBC wanted them canceled last year but USA fought to keep them. They couldn't give them raises so they gave at least Vincent a percent of the show. Noth got pissed at the offer and left. NBC POB arranged to have Goldblum come in. Bobby & Alex were given writers who half of them, this was their first show. The Nichols side had seasoned writers. Even with some of the crappy writing Vincent & Kate's shows still were in the top.

NBC POB pushed offering things they knew the actors would not accept. Eric went on and took a role on Broadway. He was done. Vincent being the gallant man he is bowed out agreeing to do cameo appearances--maybe. Kate it is my understanding thought they were doing like usual hold them up to the last minute and then settling. She was devastated when she finally realized they meant to fire them all but made it look like it was the actors making unreasonable demands or in Vince's case wanting to do other things.

Vincent would have done another season--but again this thing with WOLF so they wanted him gone.

(Note here they have started the same thing with the cast of SVU almost forcing the actors there out over raises. If they have to keep Wolf's shows they are going to have their choice of actors. Wolf protected himself and the show but not his actors.)

They did not want the chance that if the show fails with Goldblum and that Bobby & Alex would be brought back to save them so it was decided one of the characters had to die.

She doesn't know which, but last she heard they were leaning toward Alex with Bobby & Ross quitting because of guilty feeling from why she's murdered.

This is not in stone, she said they are still writing and she hasn't heard. Kate is crushed. Vincent is sick of them and well we know how he loves to die in his movies. SO....

I asked her why she did not tell me this to begin with and she said this crap happened before the last season and USA had the balls to stand up an fight back keeping them.

She thought they would this year too, but NBC suddenly came up with money for new shows they'd previously rejected.

CI has a new captain.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has joined L/O C/I as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. She will take over from Eric Bogosian who held the position as Captain for the last three years.

USA network also reminded us via The Hollywood Reporter that this is a kinder, gentler L/O C/I.

We now have a TV show with the same name as an old favorite, but none of the same characters.

Out of all of this drama about who would leave who would stay, we know have who will live and who will die. Either way the fans lose.

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