Monday, November 30, 2009

Binder Project results

Hi y'all!

We had 59 responses to the Binder Survey! Thanks to everyone who responded!

We are still searching for binders. We should have some choices to show you in the next few days and you can give us your opinion. Finding a zippered leather 3-ring binder with greater than 1" rings is the current challenge. You'd be surprised, when you read the fine print, how much variety there is in these binders/planners.
Stay tuned!


  1. are we printing the pages out our selves? or sending them to someone else to print them out?

  2. If it's just a letter, it can be emailed. If there are graphics, we will have you mail them. I hope that helps! All those instructions will be made clear (I hope!) in a later post.

  3. When will you need the pages to you by? Is there one for each of the THREE of them? Gosh this hurts..How DO we say goodbye to them?? sigh...

  4. Yes, we plan for all three an own binder.

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