Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Season 10 of Criminal Intent – airing in April

Zap2it published the schedule of the final CI season.

The final season of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" will have a new showrunner. Chris Brancato, a veteran writer and producer whose credits include "Boomtown," "Law & Order: SVU" and "North Shore," will executive produce the show's final episodes, which are scheduled to begin in April.

Here are two more articles about the new showrunner Chris Brancato. He will take the job of Walon Green.

Chris Brancato To Run 'Law & Order: CI'
Chris Brancato Taking Over 'Criminal Intent'

At least wrote a couple of days ago that the filming of the new episodes will start in January.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, an hourlong drama for the USA Network. Shooting begins in January. With Vincent D'Onofrio. Principals: Lynn Kressel Casting, Pier 62, Room 304, West 23rd Street and Hudson River, NYC 10011. Background: Central Casting New York, 875 Sixth Ave., 15th floor, NYC 10001.


  1. Without Goren and Eames I will not watch it, I don't care who they get on there, could barely handle the swapping back and forth with them and Logan, when Goren and Eams were gone off the show completely I quit watching it. Bring them back then I will be back, otherwise they should cancel it.

  2. Anonymous - they are coming back! For one more season, anyway. They start filming in January and airing the show in April! Don't worry. Be happy!

    Antje - thanks for posting. It's all good news.

  3. FELIZ FELIZ FELIZ porque vuelve EL AMOR!!! VINCENT, pero muy triste porque será la última temporada de esta serie, LASTIMA, siento mucho porque en BUENISIMA, ojala se les ocurra hacer más temporada. Quiero volver a ver al Dve. GOREN con sus genialidades.