Sunday, September 26, 2010

Want to read the articles?

Here are a few links to articles announcing Vincent D'Onofrio's return to Criminal Intent (courtesy of Google Alerts!). Some of them don't quite have all their background info right.... but it's fun to read and look at the photos!

Backseat Cuddler
Daemon's TV
Scripted TV Fans
Law Advice
Tyler's World
Ace Show Biz

Make sure you keep your eyes on Vinnie Vidi Vici and The Reel


  1. Cool post!! It's not sunken in yet... but he's coming back!!

  2. Awwww, thanx for the nice plug! I really appreciate that...wasn't that nice of you? After 272 articles popped up, I lost track and tried to just report the more interesting ones. Like Hannah says, "he's coming back!!"...doesn't matter how the rest of them say's a reality! Thanks again!

  3. Perfect collection. Now it's really easy to catch them after my vacations.

  4. I'm doing the happy dance with my pom-poms held high!! Another 8 episodes with Bobby Goren!! Now we just need Alex and we're all set!!!

    And let me just add my shouts to the rest...HE'S COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The sadness has lifted. He's coming back!!

  6. Es Una Gran alegria El sable Que " MI BOBBY "Vuelve , Para Mi Una desicisión acertada . gustaria Me sable Vuelve COMO , y si le van una Inventar mas " sobrinitas " , Pero seria Interesante sable de Como , porqué dos de El solitario era, murio El Hermano olo se broncea Que tenia sin Hijo y Desaparecido estaba , mas es uu grande muchacho , y la sobrina era Una niña Pequeña . continuen Ojala Su Con párrafo Historia sin Tener Que Quedar Las Con Ganas , Pero me Que gustaria hay mar this sola Temporada Sino mas por, ojala cambien Parecer de Con y contitnuen la serie .

  7. pardon me while I just gaze at the handsome picture you've posted....

  8. LOL, Barbi, you crack me up! Get those pom-poms out!